Helping Children & Teenagers Deal with Loss During Social Isolation

No one could have predicted the situation we find ourselves in. Something that none of us have ever experienced before so how to do we support the younger members of our family through this when we do not know how to feel ourselves? Recognising that what we are all going through is a loss and for some it will be traumatic, is a good starting point. Yes we are all in the same boat but we have not all walked the same path or have the same levels of emotional resilience. Childre

Self Isolating Self Care - Back to Basics

In these uncertain times, when panic and fear is spiking, is it really healthy to isolate ourselves? In one respect, of course it is the safest way to safeguard ourselves from the virus but what about our mental and emotional well being? It is widely reported that loneliness and isolation is one of the biggest contributing factors towards extreme anxiety and depression. Sometimes sitting in our own company can be very uncomfortable and can leave us feeling trapped. Anxious th